To transition into smart cities fuelled by data, we need to innovate and disrupt in the parking sector.

Angelique Mentis is passionate about innovation and the sustainability of our cities, spicing it up with a bit of disruptive visionary thinking outside the box.

Her goal is simple: To improve the liveability and sustainability of our cities by making them smarter and more efficient. To enhance the user experience for transport mobility, of which parking is just one holistic element.

Angelique is the founder of, a pre-eminent provider of smart parking bollard solutions, a business she founded 13 years ago to solve her personal parking frustrations.

As an innovative disruptor to the parking industry, Angelique is now taking thatsMYspot to the next level with a new tech solution which will enable parking to be so much smarter than ever before, enabling the collection of better quality, reliable, real-time data.

In her session on Monday 23 August, Angelique will discuss:

  • Open data vs shared data
  • Data quality – output depends on input
  • Where and how we can source quality data
  • Incentivising innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Meaningful public and private sector collaboration
  • Key questions to ask when analysing data
  • Future disruptive thoughts – ways we can align the interests of all the stakeholders in the data game.

Angelique’s session will be followed by a panel discussion entitled, ‘Making an open data platform work for all.’

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